Thursday, 12 September 2013

Part 2 some of August and a little September

Still here, watching the weather goings on in the Atlantic, we have everything crossed that nothing bothers us here.

I decided some of the blogs are just too big and I'm always taking photo's
so here are a few more and some news snippets.

It was Peters birthday
Peters birthday cake

This duck was hiding her chicks under a car, well it was raining

Yuk, raw oysters, Don loves them
Our friends Stroma and Geoff
I went shopping with Stroma and found these "Smurf pants" are people really that big?
Stroma is holding them up
Horace the Hawk - failure
Hmm, he failed miserably only 10 minutes or so before the birds returned so we did give him another week before I sent him back to his box.
I decided we were not going to be bombed by birds all the time so plan B was to send Don up the mast and wave and shout at them but he declined. 
So plan C, we had a small drybag, bright green, I cut out 4 eyes from some shiny silver duck tape then drew around the eyes in black to look like eyes. Then I drew a beak on each side in black, silly me they are upside down, the bags was stuffed with plastic bags then fastened to the topping lift and hoisted to the top of the mast.
Hey presto it seems to be working, as its light enough to be blown about in very little wind I guess either the eyes or the upside down beaks are scaring them, all I can say is "watch this space" When we take it down I will take a picture so you can see it, someone said I should make them and sell them on E-Bay.

Back soon

Don and Glenys
Agua Therapy

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

More from Fort Lauderdale part 1

August 2013
Still here, boat in bits, the boom is still off and we still have a long list to do yet.
Pleased to have "wheels" again my UK driving licence is here, its taken ages to have it exchanged from the Spanish one so I can now drive.

A carved tree on the beach road in Fort Lauderdale 
Another dockside pet
However we did take a trip to St Petersburg, no not the one in Russia the one in Florida, it was so good to relax. We stayed in St Pete beach and drove downtown to see the sights and collect the snuffer and bag for the parasailor.

Now which way?

We visited the museums and took a trolley ride.
Here comes the trolley bus a 50 cents ride

And there is goes, whoops 
This is in the museum, the poor thing lived for 6 weeks, 2 heads 6 legs
The area is very quiet and Don remarked that its very "Stepford wives" everything neat and tidy.

While we were there the afternoons were pretty wet, there were tremendous thunderstorms lightening everywhere and the hotel room shook, scary at times.

The first hotel had a rooftop restaurant which spins around, it took 75 minutes to complete the turn.

A full size replica which flew of the first flying boat here 

Electric razor, hmm bet Don could cut himself with this
The view from the hotel in St Pete beach, we watched the dolphins, oh and the thunderstorms

Don, look we have 2 folding bikes this one is too big!
Our friends recommended we take a trip to Tarpon Springs which is roughly an hour north. The area has a huge Greek community and famous for the Sponge docks. Enjoyed a meal in a greek taverna, Don had a huge plate of fried calamari, octopus and anchovies, I had the lamb souvlaki it was yummy. We drove around some of the estates and its a lovely place.

Statue of a sponge diver with the boats behind

This area was where they auction off the best sponges
From St Petersburg we drove south to Naples, a place we had been to before, the hotel was very nice, a huge room with an enormous bed. The hotel is in a great place and about 5 minutes walk to the main street with shops and lots restaurants.
St Petersburg downtown

Reminiscent of Ghostbusters

Why the legs hung over the balcony we don't know
I shopped in the Boutique Wind in The Willows, Don was in the hotel lying down on the bed when I returned it was a good time to show him the clothes, he needed a little while to recover.

So lots of photos for you this time part 2 soon

Don and Glenys
Agua Therapy